André Durocher, B.Sc.A., QLS

Member of the Board of Directors

Since 1982, André has owned a successful land-surveying business serving the Outoauais region of Québec. He has held an airline transport pilot license (ATL) since 1978. As well as transport planes, André flies gliders, aerobatic airplanes, floatplanes, ski plans and ultralight planes. He is in discussions with Transport Canada and the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association to establish new types of pilot licenses that reflect recent changes in the industry.

André is a PhD candidate at Embry-Riddle University. 80% of aircraft accidents are caused by human, rather than technical, factors; André’s studies focus on the implications of this statistic. He has authored numerous articles in popular aviation magazines, including SPA Magazine and Aviation Magazine.

The sky’s the limit. Elevate your thoughts!
— André Durocher