Software Tester

(Summer, short-term contract position)

WinTerra Global Technologies is turning an important page in the global history of healthcare. Our WinTerra Dental team is leading the charge on our SmartChart™ voice-activated periodontal charting software. SmartChart™ is like a virtual perio-charting assistant. Its voice recognition technology allows hygienists to chart full perio exams quickly and easily on their own.

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic software tester to join our software development team and test our SmartChart™ software system. This position will report directly to the Quality Assurance Lead.

Our team has built a strong and enjoyable working environment from the ground up, giving talented individuals the space and support they need to get the best out of their careers.


  • Testing the SmartChart™ software system

  • Working closely with the software development team to ensure high quality product outputs and deliverables

  • Integrating closely with the software development team, including the visual design, 3D, design and development teams

  • Ensuring project tracking software is kept up to date and coordinating task priorities with the SmartChart™ development owner


  • Strong black box testing skills

  • Good understanding of white box testing concepts (test-drive development etc.)

  • Able to generate, utilize and track results in a test plan

  • Moderate understanding of testing and task tracking tools (Jira, Jira Agile, Confluence, etc.)

  • Good understanding of the software development lifecycle, including conceptualization, design, development, testing and quality assurance

The ideal candidate will also possess a good understanding of:

  • Automated interaction testing tools, including Rational Robot

  • Software development tools, including Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio


Must have earned or be pursuing a post-secondary certificate, diploma or degree in software development or software testing.

Interested? Follow the link below to apply.