Respect and Support

We do everything we can to attract great minds and spirits, and once they get on board, continue our commitment of respect with steadfast determination. We will support your ongoing professional development and take the time to help you understand how you fit into the big picture.

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We are humble and do not tolerate arrogance. We recognize that many people ‘show up’ differently, presenting their talents and ideas in ways that are most comfortable for them. So that while some are good at articulating ideas right there, on the spot in meetings, others will take time to process their thoughts and come forward in their own ways. As long as our people keep contributing their talents, the ‘respectful how’ does not matter. As leaders, we do not look in the mirror and expect the same. We value a team with diverse approaches and perspectives. It’s that kind of team that will examine every angle, challenge every plan and find ways to overcome obstacles. They will be curious, ask questions and dream the great new dreams that will lead to continuous innovation.

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We are putting kind back into business. While our goals are lofty and we will be a significant force globally, we believe we can treat each other with kindness and still be driven to succeed. And we ARE driven to succeed. Because at WinTerra, we know we have a rare opportunity to make a tremendously positive difference to the health of people and the planet.

Interested in helping to innovate for humanity?

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