Michael Dunleavy, LB

Legal Counsel & Board Secretary

Michael is a senior partner at LaBarge/Weinstein. He joined the firm after seven years of practice at two national law firms in Toronto. He has represented purchasers and vendors in numerous mergers and acquisitions. He has also represented issuers and underwriters in public offerings, and companies and investors in private-equity financings.

His background in technology contracting includes drafting and negotiating agreements for the licensing, development and distribution of technology and technology-services outsourcing. Michael works with technology companies at all stages of development across a diverse range of industries, including e-business; SaaS and enterprise software; semiconductors; medical and consumer devices; online gaming; material technologies; Bitcoin; and business analytics. He also works with angel and institutional investors in their early- and later-stage investment transactions.

As a start-up lawyer, I operate at the intersection of my client’s dreams and reality—and I strive to make them one and the same.
— Mike Dunleavy