Impairment Screening

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has given rise to a new market with significant business opportunities. With those opportunities, however, comes the challenge of how to determine impairment in cannabis users. Current standardized field tests are unlikely to meet the scientific and objective standards the legal system will require.

WinTerra Ocular is developing a non-invasive, mobile impairment test. Our test will be scientifically validated and objective, and much easier to use in roadside situations. But this solution will go beyond roadside testing—by reducing the cost and difficulty to use, we will make more accurate impairment testing a reality for correctional systems, border-control agencies, addiction treatment specialists, sports officials and employers.

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Concussion Screening

Awareness of the dangers of traumatic brain injury and concussion is growing. And yet, because the symptoms are mild, injured people are more likely to decline medical treatment. Early detection can play an essential part in correctly and safely treating the injury.

WinTerra Ocular is developing an easy and reliable method of immediate, on-the-spot testing for concussion. Our test will enable non-medical professionals, such as teachers, daycare providers, employers, coaches and sport officials, to rapidly and accurately obtain data to decide whether someone has likely sustained a concussion and needs medical treatment.

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Vision Screening

Access to vision testing is a global problem. Testing equipment is heavy and stationary, meaning that patients have to come to professionals in offices and labs to get tested. This makes getting vision testing done next to impossible for people with limited mobility or living in remote communities.

WinTerra Ocular is developing a wireless, hand-held vision test that will provide universal access to high-quality vision screening for anyone, anywhere in the world. Our test will be fast and inexpensive. And because it’s small and easy to carry, non-medical professionals will be able to take vision screening to the patient, then send the data to medical professionals remotely.